Project description

Construction of a new deep litter barn for our 40 dairy cows and young animals. The barn will be 52 meters long and 17 meters wide, providing enough space for the requirements of our horned cattle. There is an adjacent 60-degree angular building with a length of 25 m and a width of 14 m which is intended for calves and young stock. The cows can reside on a generous straw bedding and reach a 4.5 m wide walkway via three steps, where there are several drinking troughs. The animals have access to their fodder via the outside feeding table with an open longitudinal side facing east. Here, each cow has plenty of room and there are several retreat areas which is important in the context of hierarchy formation within the herd. In the southern part of the building is a tandem milking parlour for 2x3 animals with an adjoining tank room and the necessary storage spaces. Next to the milk room there is a larger calf box of about 50 m² size for the smallest calves. The angular building is designed exactly like the actual cow barn, but it is not as wide. It is possible to easily move animals between the two buildings. On the back there is a manure storage area and a newly-built manure container with a roof. New paths connect the new stable with the existing buildings. The stable complex blends in well with the landscape and forms an appealing unit together with the farm’s two courtyards.